The custom jewelry process begins with a consultation to discuss your desires. Throughout our exchange I listen for symbol and allow it to be shaped into something tangible. I work intentionally, letting the specific information about who/what I'm creating for show up - in sometimes obvious but more often delphic ways - in the physical piece. Specific design desires are always welcome! But not necessary, you are not required to have a fully formed idea in mind prior to our initial session.

I use traditional goldsmithing techniques as well as methods I glean from my instinctual experimentations. I have a love for classic and simple design as well as odd, innovative structure and abstractions. 

I can also give your old or heirloom Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver jewelry and Gemstones new life by recycling and integrating them into your custom piece. Otherwise, like all Aesoterica adornments, post-consumer recycled metal and ethically sourced Gemstones will be used in the creation of your piece.

I undertake custom work/commissions both locally and internationally. Should you find yourself in Treaty 1 Territory/Winnipeg a meeting can be arranged in person or, if elsewhere, we can converse via email or some kind of video platform. Timelines for custom pieces are set during the planning process. 

I love you, Contact me with custom inquiries. See below and check out my Instagram page for examples of custom work. 


Some Past Custom Works

Gold Snake Ring, Opals, Ouroborous

The Double Tripler in Rose Gold with Rough, Fire and White Opals


Feather ring, Yellow Gold, Diamond

The Unflawed Innocent in Yellow Gold with Diamonds 


Gold rings, Diamonds, Agate, Wedding bands

Love Triangle ft. Wife, Husband and Earth in Yellow Gold with Diamonds and Agate 


Sterling Silver Pendant with Pyrite, Andalusite, Smokey Quartz and Rough Diamonds

Lupercalia in Sterling Silver with Pyrite, Andalusite, Smokey Quartz and Rough Diamonds


Gold and mother of pearl pendant, vesica pisces, yoni

Aphrodite pt. 4 in Yellow Gold with Mother of Pearl and Diamond


Gold ouroborous ring, Ruby

Ourobouros Major and Minor in Yellow Gold with Ruby


Necklace, Sterling silver, Antique Coral, Garnet, Carnelian, Adalusite, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, and Calcite

Menstrualis in Sterling Silver with Antique Coral, Garnet, Carnelian, Andalusite, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and Calcite


Rose gold ring, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby

Thinking~Feeling~Willing in Rose Gold with Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby 


Antique diamond pendant, Gold

Tiny Emotional Antique Diamond Slice in Chains


Heart ring, white gold, yellow gold

Hestia's Heart(h) in Rose, White and Yellow Gold


Sterling silver pendant, Sterling Silver, with Tourmaline, Onyx and shells

Edge Dweller Wolf Woman in reticulated, heat-scarred Sterling Silver, Tourmaline, Onyx and shells 


Gold ring with Black, Grey and White Diamonds

Equanimity in Yellow Gold with rough Black, Grey and White Diamonds


Three gold pendants for three daughters. Mother of Pearl, Garnet, and Yellow Diamond.

Daughters 3 in Yellow Gold, Mother of Pearl, Garnet and Yellow Diamond


Trio of gold rings, with Diamond, Onyx, and Garnets 

Ancestral Transmutations in Yellow Gold, Diamonds, Onyx and Garnets